GuardTack 5 Blue Self-install

Product Code: ANBLINS06 / ANBLINS10 / ANBLINS15


  • Self-install.
  • 3-5 year in service life.
  • Silver based antimicrobial embedded into the surface.
  • Max 400kg per mat area.


Product Specification GuardTack 5 Blue Self-Install Access Mat

Product Overview GuardTack 3,4 & 5

Product Care Guide GuardTack 3,4 & 5


  • Washable, high performance contamination control mat for use with light traffic loads.
  • Specially designed and manufactured to capture, retain and reduce foot and wheel-borne viable and non-viable particulates, over an extended period of time.


Product Code Description Size Pack Qty
ANBLINS06 Blue Self-install Access Mat 0.6x1.2m Non-sterile 1200mm x 600mm Each
ANBLINS10 Blue Self-install Access Mat 1.0x1.2m Non-sterile 1000mm x 1200mm Each
ANBLINS15 Blue Self-install Access Mat 1.0x1.5m Non-sterile 1200mm x 1500mm Each


GuardTack 3 SDS (UK/IE)