GuardTack 1 Access Mat Medium Tack Non-sterile

Product Code: ANXX08018, ANXX08026, ANXX08336


  • 30 Individually numbered LDPE peel-off sheets per contamination control mat.
  • Medium "Tack" formulation gives a high level of dirt capture whilst not affecting free movement.


Product Specification GuardTack 1

How to Install a GuardTack Access Mat


Acess mat designed to capture contamination from traffic before entry into a controlled area  such as 

  • Inside/outside cleanroom areas,
  • Air showers
  • Gown rooms
  • Entry hallways.


Product Code Description Size Pack Qty Case Qty
ANXX08026 Access Mat Non-sterile Blue/Grey/White 660 mm x 1145 mm Each 8 mats
ANXX08018 Access Mat Non-sterile Blue/Grey/White 458 mm x 1145 mm Each  8 mats
ANXX08336 Access Mat Non-sterile Blue/Grey/White 914 mm x 914 mm Each 8 mats
  Where XX = BL for Blue, GY for Grey and WH for White