Micronclean signs strategic partnership with innovative cleanroom clothing provider BeMicron®



Micronclean have an exclusive agreement to offer the BeMicron GMP and the BeMicron Original coverall to the UK market.

The BeMicron coveralls offer a number of unique benefits which include:

  •  More time in the cleanroom, achieved through significantly reduced gowning times.
  • Improved contamination control measures and closer alignment to EU GMP Annex 1 section 4.12 C, for Pharmaceutical customers.
  • Up to a 50% reduction in plastic packaging, based on a reduction in the number of items used in the cleanroom.
  • Full compatibility with our recently introduced Sterile Cleanroom Goggle service.

“We are delighted to be working with BeMicron, to bring their range of  Cleanroom Clothing to the market. Customers will improve efficiency as a result of their staff spending more time in the cleanroom and less time in the changing room. This time saving coupled with a significant reduction in plastic waste and better contamination control while gowning aligns this compelling proposition with our Purpose."

Micronclean is the largest supplier of managed Cleanroom Clothing solutions to the UK market to whom it also supplies its market leading Cleanroom Consumable product range. Outside the UK Micronclean exports its Cleanroom Consumable products to over 30 countries through a network of specialist distribution partners.

For more information about the BeMicron product range please visit the cleanroom clothing section of our website.